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By: oz3ds  30-Jun-2011
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Wood r4 team released the latest wood kernel 1.32 today, r4 gold users could download the kernel here http://www.oz3ds.com/product.php?id_product=28 what's more,the newest DSi 1.4.3 has been released, the r4i gold is reported to still function.
And here's the short interview with the Yellow Wood Goblin:

Q: Why did you take the source code offline?
A: Main reason: many cases of license violations.

Q: Why did you decide to port the Wood Firmware (for the Acekard RPG) to the R4 Flash Kit?
A: Main reason was to show that support is a most important thing for Flash Kit.

Q: What is your favorite NDS ROM and why?
A: Bomberman 2. I'm a fan of the Bomberman series, and this one very nice.

Q: How has the GBATemp community helped in the development of the Wood Firmwares?
A: Testing. Many bugs were fixed from the 1st Wood R4 release because of them. Also I got some ideas.

• switched to devkitarm r33

• animation support added to skins
• wrapping in dialogs tabs

• updated to lwip 1.4.0

• 'kung fu panda 2' fixed
• 'cars 2 (usa)' fixed
• softreset and saving fixed in 'ntr tester'
• 'murder in venice (usa)' fixed
• 'solatorobo - red the hunter (europe)' fixed
• 'one piece - gigant battle! (germany)' fixed

RPG Specific:
• fixed ancient bug that caused nand corruption on writing. don't forget to update rpg_nand.dldi.

Update: wood r4i kernel v1.33 has been released, please download it on oz3ds.com please

Keywords: R4i Gold

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