How to update supercard dstwo to work on 3ds 2.0.0-2 J/E/U

How to update supercard dstwo to work on 3ds 2.0.0-2 J/E/U from oz3ds

By: oz3ds  13-Jun-2011
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The v2.0.0-2 firmware for Nintendo 3DS added Nintendo eShop,internet browser and enhances spotpass feature and so on....the Nintendo eShop offers a variety of free and purchasable software which can be downloaded directly to the Nintendo 3DS system. This includes original download software for Nintendo 3DS, gaming gems from past systems on Virtual Console and 3D Classics (select classic games remastered in 3D) and an extensive library of Nintendo DSiWare. The internet browser allows comfortable web browsing using the stylus, and is available in the upper right corner of the HOME Menu.And the SpotPass content can be received automatically and free of charge from thousands of supported public Wi-Fi access points across Europe. Additionally, it is now possible to receive future system updates automatically.And also the Nintendo 3DS new firmware blocked a lot of flashcards,including supercard dstwo, but SC team shortly released the fixes for 3DS 2.0.0-2 J/E/U
Here's the tip for you guys to upgrade your dstwo,and keep in mind,all the supercard dstwo from have been pre-flashed and ready to use.

How to update supercard dstwo to work on 3ds 2.0.0-2 J/E/U
This way is just for who only has 3DS console. We suggest you to upgrade on a never upgraded console or a DS, it's much safer!

NOTE: Please follow the guide, or there is a risk of bricking!

1, Essential condition: your DSTWO must be recognized on the ver2.0 3DS console. And you can see the icon of it.

2, Upgrade.
(i)  rename the dstwoupdate.dat as dstwoupdateb.dat. Then copy dstwoupdateb.dat to the root of microsd card.
(ii) Inject microsd card into DSTWO, then inject DSTWO into 3DS console. Turn on the console and enter DSTWO, you will see the screen said:
"An error has occurred.Press and hold the Power Button to turn the system off.Please see the Nintendo DSi Operations manual for help troubleshooting"

(it also appears on Japanese version console), please stay here and wait 3 minutes (it's very important, and must be 3 minutes! Or it's very dangerous for DSTWO!), please dont do anything except waitting :p
Turn off the console after 3 minutes, then delect dstwoupdateb.dat file from your microsd card. (very important! You have to delect it!)

Ok, that's all, enjoy DSTWO on your ver2.0 3DS!

Keywords: Dstwo

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