Word new device - Intensifier of Technological Processes by PC GLobeCore

Word new device - Intensifier of Technological Processes by PC GLobeCore from PC GlobeCore

By: PC GlobeCore  17-Feb-2014
Keywords: Water Treatment, Water Filters, Wastewater Treatment

We are designed a new device which allow to reduce an energy consumption, material consumption and at the same time it help to obtain more innovative, more useful, more effective product. The Application area of this truly innovative machine is so large and unexplored that you even can`t imagine. The short list include: ABC-100: list of application ABC application in the waste water treatment process Intensifier of Technological Processes in the waste recovery and recycling. Intensification of the chemical processes ABC application in the construction materials production Process intensification in the powder industry ABC in the electronic industry ABC in the mining chemistry Grinding of the cellulose at the vortex layer Production of metal-polymeric compositions Production of lacquers and paints Production of mud-flush agents in the ABC Obtaining of a combustible mixture for the ship propulsion plant Application of ABC in foundry engineering Metal and plastic parts processing The influence of ABC to the heat exchange in a gas flow ABC and rolling production (pipe) Destruction of compound organic molecules Intensification of mechanochemical reactions Activation of solid substances Intensifier of Technological Processes can be successfully used for the food industry This list is still incomplete. All application list of Intensifier of Technological processes you can discover yourself. Its price is acceptable but its influence is immense. If you are still have some doubt, follow the link and dispel it http://fuelcleaning.globecore.com/products/intensifier-of-technological-processes.html We`ll be glad to help you find rigth solutions.

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