Fuel, oil cleaning system UVR-450/16

Fuel, oil cleaning system UVR-450/16 from PC GlobeCore

By: PC GlobeCore  13-Dec-2013
Keywords: Oil Refineries, Oil Purifier, Oil Reclamation

Installation UVR-450/16 is base model, general purpose industrial version by PC Globecore Overall dimensions -length – 4000 mm -width – 1500 mm -height – 2000 mm UVR-450/6 is intended for purification, clarification, removal of aromatics of dark heating oil and dark diesel oil, gas-condensate, also for regeneration of transformer oil, turbine oil, industrial oil and other light mineral oils. For different products this installation gives a different productive capacity. For transformer oil: capacity is 300 LPH For dark heating oil: capacity is 600-700 l/h For gas-condensate ( you better should utilize another model explosion proof version): capacity is 1000 kg/h Fuel, oil cleaning unit UVR 450/16 is fully automatic, you can also select manual mode. The equipment is in compliance with all relevant international standards. All accessories are from manufacturers such as «Festo», “Camozzi”, “IVR”, “Carlo Gavazzi” (Italy), “Bell Flow Systems”, “Influx” (UK), “RVT Process Equipment GmbH” (Germany) and others. Assembly of equipment makes plant Ukrbubmash All details about UVR 450/16 unit you can view on our site www.fuelcleaning.globecore.com Results of reclamation of dark heating oil are perfect. Dark heating oil passes through the unit only once. There is no double run, and no aluminum silicate. Our sorbent can reclam bed heating oil to the “like new” condition, remove aromatics, remove unsaturated hydrocarbons, remove hydrogen sulfide and others additions. After regeneration of transformer oil on Fuel, oil cleaning UVR 450/16 unit we obtain oil superior to new oil. Parameters of regenerated oil such as acid number, tangent delta are better compared to new oil. To get more information about installation UVR 450/16 you can visit our site www.fuelcleaning.globecore.com or call us bichurina_globecore (skype), phone +38 (066)52-65-207. E-mail: [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxigzHBg9zg

Keywords: Fuel Purifyng, Fuel Reclamation, Industrial Oil Regeneration, Oil Purifier, Oil Reclamation, Oil Refineries, Oil Regeneration, Transformer Oil Clarification, Turbine Oil Cleaning, Used Oil Recycling,

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDZ3XhzrDrA Installation UVR-450/16 made in explosion-proof execution at PC Globecore. The Unit, which represented in this video, prepared for shipment

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