ABC-100 Magnetic Vortex Activator

ABC-100 Magnetic Vortex Activator from PC GlobeCore

By: PC GlobeCore  22-Jan-2014
Keywords: Water Treatment, Water Purification, Water Treatment Equipment

Magnetic Vortex Activator ABC-100 is intended for intensification of different physical and chemical processes. Machine is hermetic and haven`t dynamic seal assembly but it`s contain – electromagnetic unit which include cooling system, – operational camera, – control panel. Intensification of physical and chemical processes occur due to thorough mixing and dispersion of processable components by using acoustic and electromagnetic handling, high local pressure and electrolysis. Possible processes which can be running in the Magnetic Vortex Activator ABC-100: Mixing of liquids and gases Mixing of free-flowing materials Dry crushing of solids Liquid dispersing medium crushing of solids Activation of solids particle surface Embodiment of chemical reaction Modification of the physical and chemical properties of substance. But this classification is not a rule. Generally all of above processes occur at the same time. Magnetic Vortex Activator (Intensifier of Technological Processes) can be use by different enterprises which utilize thermopump for heating of components. Machine is designed for indoors and under cover. Intensifier design ensures its operability during use at environmental conditions. ABC-100 is designed for intensification of industrial processes such as dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying etc. ABC-100 can be used to: Used oil recycling Creation of stable water-fuel emulsion, water-oil emulsion, diesel oil emulsion, coal-water emulsion. Generation and modification of heating oil, boiler fuel, process fuel. Treatment of low quality water cut reduced fuel oil. Purification of diesel fuel from paraffin and sulfur. Processing and treatment of service and industrial wastewater. Recycling of distillery dreg Generation of lubrication and coolant Recycling sludge treatment facilities and fields. Reprocessing of dreg of silt, waste disposal plant fields Purification of oil contaminated soil. Wastewater purification (wastewater treatment)

Keywords: Wastewater Filtration, Wastewater Purification, Water Purification, Water Purification Equipment, Water Treatment, Water Treatment Equipment,

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