Suzy Cherub Meditation CDs, Essences and Crystal Jewellery

By: Suzy Cherub  03-Jul-2012
Keywords: Meditation, Crystals, Crystal Healing

Cherub Meditation CDs

Suzy will guide you through a relaxing and inspiring meditation.


Cherub Essences

Vibrational Essences are based on basic homeopathic principles. Instead of relying on harsh drugs or chemicals, essences are based on plants, crystals or minerals. Each essence has a particular vibration or resonance characteristic of the matter it is made from. That resonance corresponds with particular emotional, physical and spiritual attributes. Essences are a form of very subtle healing that work on energy centres of the human body, balancing and harmonising energy flow.


Cherub Crystals & Jewellery

Crystals have been used for millenia to heal, protect and bring balance. Basically they work through resonance and vibration. Each crystal also has unique healing qualities. Simply, when the vibrations of a person or environment meet the vibrations of a crystal, the combined vibrations of energies re-align like 2 musical notes forming a harmony. When crystals are incorporated into jewellery, it has aesthetic value while maintaining its healing properties.


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Keywords: Crystal Healing, Crystals, Essences, Meditation

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