Oxygen Therapy For Arthritis

Oxygen Therapy For Arthritis from Oxygen Therapy Program

By: Oxygen Therapy Program  03-Feb-2011
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Right now your red blood cells are bogged down collecting C02, urine, alcohol, nicotene, neurotoxins, Bovine Growth Hormones, plant insecticides, and feces from your body and delivering them  to the liver, kidneys, lungs, bladder, colon,...etc for disposal.

These are the same red blood cells that your body depends on to deliver the oxygen it needs.Your red blood cells collect oxygen from the lungs and within 20 minutes they circle the entire body delivering life-saving oxygen to your joints, organs, muscles, and tissues.

But what happens during that 20 minutes if there is not enough oxygen?

Obviously somebody gets left out. But critical organs like the heart, brain, kidneys, etc,  which require more oxygen NEVER just do without. If there is not enough, they appropriate oxygen from other bodily processes.  Bodily processes such as respiration and digestion usually suffer first.

But this is where your cartilage also loses the battle and must give up it's oxygen to keep the heart or the colon oxygenated. When that happens non-life-threatening bodily functions suffer from oxygen-deprivation and begin to deteriorate. Which is why so many people have breathing/digestion problems today.

Oxygen Therapy Program is safe. It is time-tested. And it Works!

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