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By: Australian Tang Soo Tao Federation ACT  04-Mar-2011
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Tang Soo Tao is a traditional martial art, involving the development of the mind, body and spirit through martial training. By encompassing all these areas, not just physical and combat development, Tang Soo Tao is recognised as a true art form.

Tang Soo Tao promotes values such as honesty, loyalty, integrity, co-operation and respect. These values are promoted by both our students and instructors, creating a culture of mutual respect and understanding which is displayed by our students in their everyday lives.

Tang Soo Tao is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation with a culture of self improvement. Our instructors are committed and passionate in dedicating their time to teaching and sharing the art of Tang Soo Tao.

All of our instructors are dedicated to ensuring that the martial needs of our students are met through positive reinforcement and support. This positive environment lends to the family culture which is embraced within the Canberra school.

Kids Classes

Our kids classes cater for children from the age of 5 to 12 years old. We believe that children can gain benefits such as discipline, fitness, coordination and self confidence by participating in two Tang Soo Tao classes a week.

Our instructors ensure classes are tailored to meet the individual learning needs of the students. Classes are structured so that children under 9 years are taught differently to those aged between 9 and 12 years. Children are allowed to develop at their own pace, with our instructors providing positive encouragement and guidance.

Although we reinforce the characteristics of respect and self-discipline, we also believe that martial arts training should be fun. Our instructors ensure that each class covers the appropriate syllabus for the student as well as including time for fun activities.

Adults Classes

Adults classes are held three times a week and cater for people of all ages, skill, coordination and fitness levels.

New students undertake an introductory course of three lessons with one of our black belt instructors, learning the basic techniques of Tang Soo Tao. To assist in the transition from the introductory course to training with the rest of the school, our instructors ensure new students are well supervised and supported. This long
established method has proven to be the most effective way of introducing new students to Tang Soo Tao.

Special Offers:

Kids Class - Mention this website to a Tang Soo Tao instructor and receive $10 off your child's fees for one term.

Adults Class - Mention this website to a Tang Soo Tao instructor and receive 3 x introduction lessons free (valued at $45). This includes one-on-one training with a black belt to learn the basics before training with the whole class.

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