NLP 7 day Practitioner Training

By: The NLP Institute  08-Jan-2011
Keywords: Coaching, Nlp, Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP Practitioner Certification

If you want to hold a qualification in NLP that indicates you have reached a nationally recognised level of competence as a practitioner of the technology.

  • Coaches and counsellors – Offering the most effective tools for change, motivation and self improvement. The art of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Doctors and other health care professionals who work in therapy - NLP is known to produce fast results and profound lasting change in clients. It offers tools for people to gain control over their mind, behaviour and emotions. It has some of the most effective tools for resolving negative past experiences, fears and phobia's and works much faster and more effectively then mainstream therapy.
  • Anyone with a role that involves influencing and persuading. Eg Leaders, sales professionals, public speaker. With the language of NLP you will be a master influencer with integrity and morals.
  • Trainers and presenters - Knowing what words are the most powerful in influencing your audience and creating change in them quickly. Dramatically increase the speed at which your participants learn and create powerful call to actions. NLP is known to teach some of the most powerful tools to enhance learning, memorization and learning difficulties.

Our NLP Practitioner training program is a 7 day full time training, and includes a pre course study kit & complete NLP Practitioner manual. It provides NLP Practitioner certification Australia and American boards of NLP

We have designed our Practitioner training so that you can immerse yourself in the NLP experience. During this training, change will occur and participants need to prepare for this.

The experience will enable you to learn the strategies and patterns with ease then amaze yourself as you are able to adopt the strategies effortlessly into your own life. During our 7 days together you will receive a through and comprehensive training in NLP.

The training is structured around presentations, demonstrations, guided exercises and practice sessions. This is structure will make it possible for you to learn valuable 'life' skills

The major focus of this program is to understand the structure of NLP and take you to new and higher understanding. You will gain powerful new resources and skills as you learn how to integrate these with the resources you already have.

When John Grinder and Richard Bandler began to co-develop NLP they studied what it was that made successful people succeed. To achieve their outcome Grinder and Bandler evolved a remarkable methodology which has been described as "imitative modelling." This enabled them to replicate the same standard of excellence in themselves and then to describe those standards precisely so that others could reproduce the skills also. These skills form what is taught in NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certification Trainings.


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