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Driving Lessons - Manual or Automatic from National Driving Academy

By: National Driving Academy  01-Nov-2012
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We are often asked which transmission type is best to learn - automatic or manual? Let our Canberra based driving school help you decide! Some parents feel that obtaining a drivers licence in an manual car is more advantageous even when the learner will not have access to a manual car to drive for practice or post licensing. We like to highlight a few factors for your consideration including: ■Generally we find that city drivers tend to favour automatic whereas country drivers will prefer manual transmission. ■An automatic car allows a learner to focus on road rules and car control without the added complexity of manual transmission control. ■Manual cars are cheaper than automatic cars and as such are likely to be the first new car purchase for a young person. ■Regardless of learning in a manual car if you do not drive a manual car for an extended period of time you will most likely be a bit rusty and need a refresher course. ■In the ACT an automatic drivers licence is restricted for 12 months after which time a licence holder is able to drive either a manual or automatic car. ■During the first 12 months an automatic restricted ACT licence holder may also upgrade to a manual licence by completing assessments with an Accredited Driving Instructor in Canberra. ■If the need arises to drive a manual car in the future then it is advisable to take one or two driving lessons to learn/refresh how to drive a manual car. Remember that you are not needing to learn the driving rules and how to drive, just the system of car control as it applies to a manual transmission, hill starts and other maneuvers. However the ultimate answer to this question depends entirely on personal circumstances. Factors such as learning in a car with the transmission type of the car available to practice in will ensure a better learning outcome, save money as less driving lessons will be required and in no way exclude the learner from driving a manual car in the future when the need arises (subject to restrictions within 12 months and our recommendation to take a conversion course when needed). If you're unsure about which transmission type to learn with, speak to our Booking Office Team Members by calling 1300 922 797 or email us.

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