plate glass upgrade with Safety Film as2208

By: Window film innovations   04-Nov-2016
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Safety films are constructed of clear strong polyester layers of film, they are thicker than solar films & use an impact resistant adhesive. The active polyester layer of safety film & adhesive holds glass together when it breaks.They are designed to with stand accidental glass breakage. Safety films can be clear or tinted in appearance.  ​ Benefits Safety films are used to upgrade plate glass into safety glass & meet Australian Safety Standard 2208. When plate glass, also called float or annealed glass , breaks it does so into large  jutted pieces. Broken plate glass is sharp & very dangerous, It can inflict serious injury's on a person. With safety film applied to the inside of a plate glass window, when it it breaks, the glass remains stuck to the adhesive on the film keeping the broken pieces in the frame. For example If the breakge is caused by a person falling into the window on the inside their body is pressing against the film rather than the glass at the point of impact. This greatly reduces the likelihood of serious injury. Plate glass is found in pre 1996 public buildings & is currently the most common glass used in residential homes. Great for ​ Protecting people from serious injury by turning dangerous plate glass into safety glass ​ Upgrading existing plate glass to meet Australian Safety Standard 2208 ​ Meeting Family day care & child care requirements ​ Protecting young children in homes from accidental glass breakage 

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