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Our  facilitated workshops are about bringing the customer experience culture to life.  SpySee will conduct atailored workshop with your employees.  We will start the improvement process with your team and teach them how to keep it going long term.

The goal is to engage your team members in the process of change so they take ownership and understand the importance of their role. We want them to be excited and motivated to come up with new and better ways of creating the ultimate customer experiences on a consistent basis across every customer touch point.  We ask your team members for the answers to the issues and ideas to improve.  We work on the premise that the person closest to the job knows best how to improve it and so we ask them for the solutions that will achieve the results you require.

The workshopis tailored to your needs and may cover:

a.       Awareness of why everyone in the organisation plays a part in the overall customer experience

b.      Educating them on what it means to create a culture of customer experience excellence

c.       Review and discussion on the results of the assessments

d.      Discussion on who are your target customers

e.      What’s their profile

f.        What do these customers want

g.       The kind of experience that would deliver to them

h.      Map out the Moments of Truth (customer touch points)

i.         Workshop each of the Moments of Truth (customer touch points)

j.        Workshop solutions that deliver on the purpose of creating the wow factor at each Moment of Truth

k.       Educating the team on what it means to create the changes and how to keep the culture alive long term.

l.         Create an action plan for the future to keep the group going long term. 

At the end of the workshop areport will be compiled for the management team with the following information:

The results of the Team Enhancement workshop

o        Workshop Outcomes

o        SpySee observations of workshop

o        Participant comments

This workshop will be the start to getting your team together on a regular basis to discuss issues, ideas and create ongoing improvements within the workplace.  These workshops aim to boost morale and to get new ideas flowing continuously throughout the organisation keeping customer experience front of mind at all times and eventually creating a culture of customer experience excellence that you need and want.

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