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By: Sleep Breathing Training Centre and Sleep Apnea Therapy Centre  05-Sep-2012
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Since 1993 the practitioners at our breathing training centre in Canberra have helped over 5000 people to improve their breathing using the Buteyko breathing technique. This approach is particularly useful for people who:

  • - know that there is something wrong with the way they breathe
  • - do not breathe silently, smoothly and comfortably
  • - frequently have a blocked, stuffy or runny nose or are breathless 
  • - seek a natural, yet science based approach to their breathing problems
  • - want to do something about an underlying breathing pattern abnormality that is triggering  symptoms
  • - want to learn to breathe again the way they did when they did not snore
  • - want help with an irritable cough
  • - would like to improve oxygen delivery to every cell of their body


Our approach

We identify what is wrong with the way you breathe and use specific breathing exercises to help you towards breathing smoothly, silently and effortlessly through your nose. Many clients have reported significant reduction in symptoms within the first 24 hours and "the best sleep in decades" that first night.

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