Cleaning Tips

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CLEANING TIPS One of the most common mistakes people make when spring-cleaning is moving randomly around the house, according to professional cleaners. One second you're wiping a glass table in your main room - and the next, you're in the bathroom scrubbing tiles. Which equals massive effort zone results. Try to clean meticulously from room to room: this will preserve your strength while ensuring you do not missed a spot. How to remove Beer and lager - Lager can leave a bad stain and an even more horrible smell if left. From carpets: Shampoo the carpet. If the stain persists, try a proprietary stain removal product. Older stains may improve if you dab them with methylated spirits. From fabric: Wash as usual in as hot a setting as the fabric can take, using a biological detergent. Older stains should be soaked first in washing soda and warm water. From upholstery: Sponge with warm water. Older stains can be cleaned with a 1:5 solution of clear vinegar and water, taking care not to get the fabric too wet, then rinse with clean water. Dab with a dry cloth or kitchen paper to dry. Always check manufacturer's instructions first. Always try a test patch first. If you are unsure as to whether the item you are cleaning is suitable for our instructions, take professional cleaning advice first.

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