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By: Lasting Impressions Dental  15-Aug-2012
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General Dentistry What Is It? General Dentistry is a term used to cover a large range of the most frequently required dental services. This includes services such as: Dental Examinations for New Patients Regular Dental Check-ups Dental X-rays Dental Cleaning Application of Fluoride and other topical medicaments Tooth Cleaning Instruction Fissure Sealants Dental Fillings Dental Crowns Dental Bridges Sports Mouthguards Occlusal Splints / Nightguards Dental Extractions Dentures Emergency Dental Care Root Canal Therapy What Is Important To Know About General Dentistry? Many of the services that are General Dental Services include: Preventive Dentistry- services that are provided in an effort to prevent dental disease and injury Restorative Dentistry- includes any services that repair a tooth, such as fillings and crowns Emergency Dentistry- services provided when a dental emergency occurs, including injury to teeth or severe pain If you are anxious about dental treatment, our dentists will provide Happy Gas sedation, or Dr Davies can offer Dental Hypnosis. A more detailed description of these services can be found below and via the links on this page. General Dentistry at Lasting Impressions Dental You will discover that we provide a broad range of general dental treatments at Lasting Impressions Dental. We like to work in partnership with you in an effort to prevent dental disease like tooth decay, gingivitis and sports injuries. If you do require restorative dentistry, we provide a full range of restorative dental services and will recommend the most appropriate options for your unique situation. Emergencies sometimes happen, despite everyone’s best efforts. If you call with an emergency, you will be seen promptly on the same day. If your emergency happens after hours, as a valued patient of Lasting Impressions Dental you will have access to emergency assistance from one of our dentists whenever you need it. More Detailed Information About General Dentistry Preventive Dentistry services are provided in an effort to prevent gum disease, tooth decay or other dental diseases or injuries. Most dental diseases are completely preventable and we like to work closely with you to stop dental disease and injuries. Regular dental checkups, dental cleanings, fluoride, tooth-cleaning instruction, fissure sealants, sports mouth guards and nightguards are all examples of Preventive Dentistry. Restorative Dentistry is the branch of dentistry related to repairing the damage done to teeth by decay, fracture or abnormal development. Most people are familiar with dental fillings, which are placed into cavities (holes) in the teeth once all the decay has been removed. Teeth that have been severely damaged or weakened might need to be fixed using larger fillings made out of porcelain or gold (these are called dental inlays or dental onlays, depending on how much tooth they cover) or even dental crowns. If a tooth is damaged to the point where it cannot be saved, it may be removed and replaced with a dental bridge, denture or dental implant. Emergency Dentistry describes the services provided to individuals with an unexpected dental problem. This might be pain, damage to a tooth or loss of a tooth as a result of injury. Some dental emergencies require Restorative Dental treatment. Some emergencies require root canal treatment (for a dental abscess or severe fracture of a tooth) or extraction (where the tooth is removed from the mouth in order to treat the emergency).

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