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By: JPB Paving Canberra  05-Aug-2011
Keywords: Ponds and Water Features

Paving and Landscaping solution for Canberra.
Services Provided:
Paving, Paths, Driveways,Garden Edging and Pool coping.
Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Irrigation, Turf and Synthetic turf
Ponds, Water Features, Drainage and Stormwater.

Garden ponds make a remarkable element to any landscaped property. Garden ponds can transform an area into your own oasis for yourself, friends and family to enjoy. Running water adds visual and audible dimensions that can create tranquilityto your recreational area, and can attract local wildlife into your garden. Ponds in Canberra can be precast or lined, include a pump for more options, a waterfall, stream or water cascading over some rocks into your pond.

Water features are just that, they can be standalone, such as in a pot or statue in your garden, or they can flow over pots or retaining wall. Talk to JPB Paving Canberra about the look and feel you want to achieve using water in your garden.

Keywords: Ponds and Water Features

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