AvSuper – top 3 investment performance

AvSuper – top 3 investment performance from AvSuper

By: AvSuper  07-Aug-2013
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We are delighted to report to members that AvSuper was ranked 3rd (out of 84 super funds in the Selecting Super peer benchmark) for the investment performance of 18.4% for our default Growth (MySuper) investment option for the year ending 30 June 2013. The Trustee is very pleased to deliver such a significantly improved investment return for members, many of whom have suffered with continued volatility and low investment earnings in recent years. Rainmaker Information has released their Selecting Super Performance comparison to 30 June 2013 report which is a benchmarking tool for consumers, employers, super funds and financial advisers. Of course, such positive results will make for pleasant reading when your annual member statement and annual report arrive in the mail later next month. Remember, super is a long term investment… … and members should be sure to check longer term performance when comparing funds. Over the three years to 30 June 2013, AvSuper had higher than average returns for every investment option (compared to similar options in other funds) with our International Shares (returning 13.7% and ranking 5th out of 143) and Stable Growth (returning 7.8% and ranking 9th out of 142) options doing particularly well. In fact, five options were ranked in the first quartile of Australian super funds for three year investment performance. While we are always pleased to get the best returns for our members, we remind you that super is a long term investment and AvSuper manages our Fund with a long term focus and an acceptance of short term volatility. We will continue to manage the fund prudently against the financial uncertainty the world has experienced in recent years.

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