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By: Danuel Rebecca & Company  20-Mar-2014
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More often than not, once a company reaches sales of around $50 million per year, the business has the size and need to justify employing a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). No longer does the company needs its accounting staff to concentrate on just closing the books and making sure staff are paid. Instead, the growing company looks for the expertise, analysis and judgement it needs to continue growing and to take advantage of its opportunities, with the right financial management. The problem is, smaller businesses need this too. Taping into the growth needed to achieve $50 million in sales in the first place, requires the same expertise – it’s just often too expensive and there just isn’t a need for a full-time CFO. Wouldn’t it be great though, knowing that you have the same access to expertise, judgement and insight that a larger company has. Not just from a competitive perspective but from a business growth perspective. After all having access to the same information, expertise and judgement is just as important for smaller businesses as it is for larger businesses. A part time or virtual CFO (your CFOPartner) is a highly qualified financial professional with years of experience working with companies like yours and even larger companies that you have access to for a fraction of the cost. Our CFOPartners work with you as if they are an actual employee, its just that we are not with you every day. We work from your office, our office or even remotely, it’s all up to you. Your business now has the same access to expertise, analysis, insight and judgement that the larger companies do for a fraction of the cost, you use your CFOPartner as much as you need to. Your CFOPartner, trains your internal staff, works as part of your management team and provides you with the business advise you need to achieve your vision. A part time or virtual CFO that works in your office as if he were an actual employee, even though he is technically an outside contractor. He is not there every day, but he is there as often as is required by your company’s needs.

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