The End of two life but we have done all the possible work and they both are alive

The End of two life but we have done all the possible work and they both are alive from Integrated Health Therapies

By: Integrated Health Therapies  16-Dec-2014
Keywords: Health Supplements, Alternative Medicine, Natural Therapy

Miscarriage is when a pregnant woman loses her baby before the baby would be considered able to survive outside the womb. An incomplete miscarriage occurs when all the products of conception are not expelled through the cervix, which often happens when a woman miscarries before the 12th week of pregnancy. Medical treatment is available but traditionally, surgery has been used to remove any retained tissue. It could be done by curettage or with vacuum aspiration. It is a quick procedure but is associated with pain and discomfort and many anesthetic techniques are used. These include general anesthesia, sedation and analgesia, or regional nerve blocks such as para cervical block. We examined the existing randomized controlled studies to compare the effect of these anesthetic techniques on patient satisfaction, postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting and any other side effects and maternal mortality.

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