GlobalSoundTrade newly released the Numark MixTrack II PRO! - IN STOCK

By: GlobalSound Trade  05-Jun-2013
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Your Pickup-and-go Digital DJ Rig! GlobalSoundTrade's comprehensive Mixtrack II Pro digital DJ controller comes packed with everything you need to get creative with your favorite tunes. In addition to a pair of Numark's fantastic capacitive touch-activated platters and complete 2-deck layout, the GlobalSoundTrade Mixtrack II Pro sports two banks of eight backlit rubber trigger pads that let you fire off samples, jump to cue points, and control various other functions. There's even a full 4-out/1-in audio interface onboard, so you can travel super light. Bundled with a copy of Serato DJ Intro software, GlobalSoundTrade's Mixtrack II Pro is your ticket to digital DJing. GlobalSoundTrade's Numark Mixtrack II Pro DJ Controller at a Glance Two phenomenal jog wheels bring your turntablist tricks to life Keep the hits coming with two sets of multi-purpose trigger pads Bundled with Serato DJ Intro software and ready to party Two phenomenal jog wheels bring your turntablist tricks to life When it comes to scratching in the world of digital Djing, close enough isn't good enough. That's why Numark outfitted their Mixtrack II Pro DJ control surface with a pair of super-realistic touch-sensitive platters. These capacitive dual-zone platters let you scratch or stop playback with a touch or bend pitch by manipulating the sides. Whether you're learning to juggle beats or you're an experienced battle DJ, you'll be blown away by the control the Mixtrack II Pro gives you.

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