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By: Abetterseal  23-Nov-2011
Keywords: Renovations, Floor, Waterproofing

The range of services we offer are:

New/Renovated Bathrooms/laundries/ensuite/toilets
– This process involves Waterproofing entire floor areas with quality polyurethane and acrylic membranes, also bond-breakers primers and bandage  tape for joints and angles for shower area/doorways.

Leaking Showers – Involves removing and replacing grout from wall and floor tile joints sealing areas where wall meets floor as this area is where a leak is usually coming from. plus replacing seals around shower screens inside and out, replacing tap washes and pressure testing the pipes. All for a set price of $290.

Decks/Balconies –  Waterproofing decks and balconies is allot like waterproofing bathrooms etc. But with decks most of the effort and work is directed at the sheeting on the deck/balcony joints so bond-breakers, tape, primers and sealants are used to insure that water doesn’t penetrate those areas of movement.

Planter Boxes/Rain Water tanks – Cement based and other quality products (e.g. Bitumen) are used to insure water doesn’t escape those areas where you want water to stay.

Roofs – When we waterproof roofs we have a range of exterior products to suit every house, units etc as we can use different colours to reflect the sun’s harmful rays and to blend in with the environment and your properties colours scheme.

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Keywords: Floor, Renovations, Shower, Waterproofing