By: Software Dreams   08-Dec-2008
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We help management of educational institutions solve chaotic administration and processes that are costing them lost opportunity, money and time.

Is your college / institution using all manner of hap-hazard systems and processes?  Are you able to get vital management information when you ask for it?

Are any of these issues familiar to you?

- You are frustrated because you are using multiple systems that do not talk to each other and the information is handled in multiple places by many different people?

- Your marketing is unable to answer any detailed questions or projections and cannot provide any what-if scenarios?

- You are spending a large amount of your time in day to day firefighting issues and not able to spend enough time on strategic issues or focus on growth? 

- Your staff are overloaded with tasks and you are experiencing high staff turnover or stagnant growth as a result?

- You have multiple campuses and locations and they are all working off fragmented databases / files with no central ability to report on information cohesively?

Are you wondering what could help integrate your business and solve those administration issues and provide some relief from the day to day chaos?

How can you turnaround this difficult situation?

Having a set of systems and processes that work doesn't have to be an impossible ask. Nor does it have to be a daily struggle causing grief to yourself and your staff. Actually, in most cases, making small changes, implementing an integrated solution and being committed to documenting the processes and getting your staff skilled in the right areas reaps wonderful results. And by getting started in the right direction, you start to see progress straight away.

We help our clients to streamline their marketing, administration, finances and academics into one integrated set of systems and processes so that they can grow, expand in multiple locations, better manage their marketing and communication with their students, agents and suppliers.

TEAMS (Total Education and Academic Management Solution) is an integrated solution developed specifically for education institutions. We offer a complete web based management solution that is guaranteed to help increase your bottom line, gain better administration and help you regain control over your business.

Your success is our success…

Keywords: Computer Software, Saas Software As a Service, Web Based Applications,