Cheap Nails are not worh the risk

Cheap Nails are not worh the risk from Nail Technician School of S.A.

By: Nail Technician School of S.A.  22-Oct-2008
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Accredited salon owner Sheila Thiele from Omni Nails & Beauty says “This leaves the customer exposed to many health risks as well as not receiving quality for their money.  Nail Technicians should hold a Certificate II in Nail Technology (minimum industry standard) available from a Registered Training Organisation.  New or sanitized files should be used for every client to prevent cross contamination of mould, fungus and other diseases.  The client should wash their hands before any service is done and masks and safety glasses should be available for use.  MMA is unsafe, but is cheap and that is why these salons use it.  It damages the nail plate, is extremely difficult to remove and can have lasting health effects.  More expensive EMA, does not have these problems and is used in quality nail salons. 

With pedicures, the bowls should be cleaned and sanitized before each client.  Fresh water must be used for each client.  This does not happen in some discount salons, and it is frightening to think of the disease transfer that can occur.  Scalpels, knives or scissors should never be used in a pedicure in a salon.  This procedure is for a podiatrist only.”

Having nails done is very popular today.  It is a fashion statement for women to show off, the same as their hair and dress.  Women must understand that cheap is never the best when health is at risk.  You get what you pay for.  A Nail Salon that uses approved chemicals, has proper sanitation and hygiene and employs nationally qualified staff, and pays the correct wage, (Nail Tech minimum pay rate is $19.17 hr casual) will always cost more, but the service is the best, safest and puts your mind at ease.  It is the best value for money. 

The APFA and the Hair & Beauty Ass S.A. recommend you seek out a properly qualified Nail Technician from a professional salon.  Omni Nails & Beauty is recommended by both Associations.

Keywords: Beauty Services, Nail Salons, Nails

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