Ladder Hoist Lifts Furniture Over Balcony

Ladder Hoist Lifts Furniture Over Balcony from King Hoists

By: King Hoists  08-Sep-2006
Keywords: Logistics Services, Movers, Furniture Removals

When office fit out company Blitz Building Services needed to lift doors and glass panels to the first and second floors of a building in Sydney University, they contacted King Hoists to lift them up on the outside of the building, to a balcony on each floor, using a ladder hoist. Office furniture specialist Iken Interlink, working on the same project, saw the operation and asked King Hoists to hoist all the desks, chairs, mobile pedestals, shelves and cabinets into the building using the ladder hoist. This saved them considerable time and expense and avoided damage to the items being lifted. The ladder hoist can reach windows, roofs or balconies up to 33 metres high (about 10 storeys), has a maximum load capacity of 300 kg and is mounted on a small truck, making it highly mobile. Compared to a crane, it requires little space to set up and items rest on the platform rather than being slung from a cable. In addition to making it possible to lift large items into upper floors, the ladder hoist lifts multiple loads fast and speeds up the removal or delivery process.The ladder hoist lifts building materials, furniture and bulky items over a balcony or through a window. Many people who want to buy a large lounge that cannot fit into the lift, the stairs or through a door, call King Hoists to lift the item over their balcony or through a window. Increasingly, domestic customers are calling on King Hoists to do the lifting for a whole removal, not just a few bulky items. The major removal companies regularly use King Hoists both for outsize items and for whole removals.

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