Gorter Attic Ladders now available with a plenum extension for access through suspended ceilings

Gorter Attic Ladders now available with a plenum extension for access through suspended ceilings from Gorter Hatches Pty ltd

By: Gorter Hatches Pty ltd  03-Nov-2009
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Accessing the roof through a suspended ceiling has always been an issue that has been overcome with inconvenient and sometimes outright unsafe solutions. Gorter has developed a patented plenum system to solve this problem, this is a series of steps that span the distance between a suspended ceiling and the roof without missing a single step, and maintaining the same incline as the stair reaching the ceiling. This system allows a scissor stair attic ladder to be placed in the ceiling, whilst the roof hatch can be placed up to 1.2m above the ceiling on the roof. Even if this distance is greater, Gorter has a system to safely span the gap between attic ladder and roof.

Gorter roof hatches and attic ladders comply with Australian, European and national standards and are made from the highest quality materials. The large aluminium steps are anti skid, and thanks to the unique pivot system, can be adjusted to be perfectly horizontal regardless of the incline of the stair. Gorter scissor stair attic ladders come in a variety of sizes, and are suitable for floor to ceiling heights of up to 3.5metres. A telescopic handrail is mounted on each attic ladder for safety, and the entire assembly is counter balanced for ease of use, in fact less than 3kg of force is required for operation. The high strength design allows heavy duty access for both industrial and domestic purposed. Gorter attic ladders come with a hinged ceiling panel, so when not in use, it becomes almost invisible within the ceiling.

A Gorter attic ladder is perfect to combine with a roof hatch, and with a wide range of available standard and custom sizes, there is an attic ladder and roof hatch combination to suit any access requirement. Gorter scissor stair attic ladders are available in a fire rated option, as well as an electrically operated option which will make its use even more convenient! An optional plenum ladder, which spans the distance between a suspended ceiling and the roof without changing the gradient of the steps is also available and is attached to the roof cavity and the attic ladder. When a Gorter roof hatch and attic ladder are combined with a plenum ladder, a highly convenient and safe access solution is provided for access through suspended ceilings. Above all, Gorter guarantees that their scissor stair attic ladders are THE CHEAPEST IN AUSTRALIA for product comparable in quality and features.

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