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By: Chip It Diesel Performance Solutions  06-Oct-2010
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Diesel Petrol Injection

Both large and vehicles will benefit from the System with increased torque, smoother and quieter engine, emissions reduction and extended engine life through cleaner engine oil. The following is rather lengthy but probably something you that will help you decide whether the Chip It Petrol Injection System is right for you.

The “cook’s” tour:  Diesel engines are around 70 – 80% efficient.  The unburnt diesel is ejected both out of the exhaust AND also into your engine oil (which is why diesel oil is highly contaminated within 500 kms).  Adding Petrol (or a Petrol and Methanol mix) into the combustion mix helps burn the diesel burn by making the whole of the mixture inside the combustion chamber ignite in one quick clean complete burn.  It is like when you throw a match onto a Petrol spill, the whole lot lights up in one quick flash.  Diesel Petrol Injection does the same thing inside the combustion chamber where the normally hard-to-ignite diesel is fighting to remain unburnt.  This ignition of the usually WASTED diesel and the extra Petrol fuel is where the system gains the extra efficiency and power from.  Correctly adding the extra fuel is where the Diesel Performance Solution ECU works its magic.

The ECU monitors Boost and Engine Load and injects Petrol into the air intake stream under moderate to hard acceleration.  Important points: Petrol also has a faster ignition rate of that of diesel and this faster burn rate increases the diesel burn percentage and therefore increases the engine’s total power output. 

Petrol is the perfect "catalyst" to increase the burn efficiency of the diesel since petrol has a higher calorific value (higher energy content) than LPG. Important point: The energy produced by burning Petrol in a Diesel engine is approximately 28.5% greater than when burned in a regular spark ignition petrol engine. POWER INCREASES AND FUEL SAVINGS:  The Chip It Diesel Performance Systems are the most cost efficient method of increasing the power of your diesel engine on the market today.  With its efficiency we can boast increased midrange torque figures of around 40 - 50 % for most vehicles. 

It really makes the diesel engine come alive. This increased midrange torque allows for greater progress through the gears, safer towing and over-taking.  The Chip It Diesel Performance Solution System was designed for the 4WD’s and trucking industry wanting more power right across the load range.   ENHANCED ENGINE LIFE:  With the addition of PETROL and having burnt nearly 100% of the diesel in the combustion chamber, the piston is driven down smoother and quieter resulting in less engine stress and less wear and tear.

RESULT: The big benefit is that your engine oil is cleaner between oil changes.

Important side benefits: A cleaner burn, with less hammering of the big-end bearings Constant cleaning of carbon deposits from the cylinder-head, valves and turbo. 

Important point: With Diesel / Petrol Injection you still have 100% of the lubricating qualities of the diesel thus no abnormal upper cylinder or piston ring wear occurs.  

MODULE TUNING: Every Chip It Diesel Performance Solution System is mapped to maximise the performance of each engine family not each engine manufacturer.    When necessary, mapping can be customised easily via laptop software provided free whenever needed and can be made accommodate a larger exhaust or higher turbo boost pressures. EASY INSTALLATION: Every Chip It Diesel Performance Solution System is designed to be installed by anyone with basic mechanical knowledge. Original electrical plugs and connectors are used wherever possible to facilitate easy installation. Systems do not need to be signed off by any accredited certifier and therefore can be installed by you saving you big $$$.  

A few points for the tech savvy amongst us:

1) Chip It Petrol Injection is a TRUE INJECTION SYSTEM which delivers fuel pressure via true RISING RATE delivery system  We do not use a venturi to draw in the petrol. 
2) Ease of Tuning.   
3) Proportionally Injected PETROL or METHANOL MIX.
4) Built-in Engine Protection and Safety features:  The Chip It ECU will not interfere with your factory ECU in any way.  All safety features and error codes will be displayed as if the Petrol injection system were not even there.  
5) Zero Engine Intake Restrictions:  With our intake injection, we can boast that no restrictive venturis are placed within the air intake tract.  This allows for greater volumetric efficiency since the engine is not trying to overcome yet another restriction in the inlet tract.
6) No Manual Switching or User Intervention Required:
7) Chip It Warranty: Since the Chip It Diesel Performance Solution System has few moving parts it has very little to fail.  However, if any part of the System does fail, we will provide a new replacement parts usually within 24 hours of us diagnosing the problem.  The Chip It Diesel Performance Solution System comes standard with a 2 years parts warranty or with an optional total engine protection warranty, regardless of fault. 

It should be pointed out here however that we has never had an engine failure WHAT SO EVER.

Petrol Tank Size and Placement: Stainless steel or aluminium custom made tanks are available through Chip It or any sheet metal fabricator.  The tank size can be as small as 5 litres.  10 litres is the standard size.  Fitment/placement is at owner’s discretion however we install most fuel tanks either along the chassis rail, under rear quarter panels or in the back of the tray.  Anywhere out of the way will do and as long as the fuel tank can be filled. Running Out Of Petrol:  If your vehicle runs out of PETROL the Chip It System seamlessly and automatically switches from diesel/PETROL to straight diesel.  In fact, since we do not touch the vehicles factory FUEL, ECU, or ELECTRONICS systems your vehicle does not even know the Chip It Petrol Injection System is installed.  So if you run out of PETROL your motor just keeps running as before the Chip It System was installed.  When you refill the PETROL the System automatically starts without any driver intervention.

Kit Includes:  DPS215, 4 Channel ECU Wiring Harness In-line Hi Flow (044) Fuel Pump Fuel Filter Polished Anodised Alloy Full Rising Rate ByPass Regulator On-Board Pressure Gauge Fuel Atomiser Various Jets 4 Metres of High Quality Push Lock Fuel Line Anodised Speed Flow Type Fuel Fittings  Fuel Tank Float Switch Cable Ties ON/OFF Switch Full 2 Years Parts Warranty  10 Litre Custom Built Polished Alloy Fuel Tank available on request for $220.00 with prefitted inlets and outlets.



Why Petrol Injection With our years of experience injecting LPG into diesel engines we know the added benefits of Petrol Injected Diesel (PID) over LPG Injected Diesel.

Let us explain why: Actual Examples:  Chip It Petrol Injection System installed on 2008 ML 3.2 ltr Triton and 2004 100 Series Land Cruiser, 2008 Ford Ranger. Petrol is injected into air filter box.

Being a power modification only, we bring on the Petrol System AFTER 1/2 throttle reference & 5psi boost.  Therefore the System is only injecting petrol when the driver requires more power. Because of the above, 10ltrs of petrol will last a long amount of time. (This of course depends on how hard the vehicle is driven)  Provides a very smooth, clean diesel burn.  Cooling of Air Intake Charge temperatures by 6-10 deg Celsius.   People sometimes ask “why not just add the petrol into the Diesel tank?”  There are a few reasons why adding petrol into the diesel tank does not work anywhere near as well as the Chip It System:
1)               We don’t want to dilute the diesel as it has the highest energy per litre of all the fuels. 2)               We want more total volume, not less.  By adding an extra fuel into the air intake, the full charge of diesel is still being injected.
3)               Diesel pump and seals etc are in no way damaged as the only thing they are pumping is the fuel they are designed to pump.
4)               We always have the correct ratio being injected and can never make a mistake with the amount of mix being added.  EG.  You are not wondering how much petrol you add now that you’ve just filled up with 32 litres of diesel whereas last time we put in 78 litres of diesel.
5)               Lastly, petrol cleans insides of manifolds and gets rid of carbon build up as well !
Obviously petrol not for everyone, however it does work better than LPG injection due to the higher energy content petrol (35,000kjs/litre) versus LPG (27,000kjs/litre).  Petrol also has a faster flame front speed than LPG, plus the better cooling effect on the air intake charge as mentioned. Benefits of Petrol vs. LPG Injection LPG INJECTION: Must be fitted by licensed fitter($1000-1500) Yearly inspections at circa $60.00 per year Parts only available through fitter or manufacturer Cost to install:         $3,500.00 - $4,000.00 Govt rebate:              After July 1st 2010 rebate is $1500 Cost to own:             $2000.00 - $2500.00 if rebate is available Energy Content:         27,000kjs/litre   PETROL INJECTION Can be fitted at home (zero cost) No yearly inspections Parts readily available from all auto parts stores Cost to install:         Up to $600.00 (if taken to a mechanic)  Govt rebate:              Non available Cost to own:             $1999.00 Energy Content:         35,000kjs/litre  


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