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By: Aussie Otoscopes  08-Oct-2009
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An Incredible Value in an Otoscope. It makes use of the Light Emitting Diode (LED) as it's light source for a superior view inside the ear. There is no otoscope on the market today that can compare at this price!


Why LED?


The energy efficiency and durability of this otoscope is simply amazing. The LED light source has no filament to break like a conventional incandescent powered otoscope. This is otoscope is virtually indestructible and comes with a lifetime warranty that even includes replacing the entire otoscope if the LED bulb ever burns out or stops functioning. You will be absolutely amazed by the amount of light created by the LED bulb. The light produced by this otoscope is  and not the yellow light typically created by incandescent light bulbs on other otoscopes. With a light emitting diode there is no fragile filament to break so it can withstand repeated dropping or rough handling. The halogen bulbs found on other otoscopes burn very hot and eat battery power, they are also very fragile and easily damaged.


The Dr. Mom Slimline LED Otoscope provides one incredible value for the price! The otoscope was engineered to specifications created by a pediatrician and a long-experienced emergency room physician. This premium quality medical instrument employs a light emitting diode (LED) as its light source, for superior light and an extraordinarily clear view of the ear canal and eardrum. There is simply no otoscope on the market that can compare to it, that will perform like it, for anything like the price of the Dr. Mom Slimline LED Otoscope!


We offer a 60 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty that even covers the light source. Please try this otoscope. You have nothing to lose. Just imagine how good it will feel to catch your child's ear infection in it's earliest stages and avoid the 2 AM trip to the emergency room with a child suffering the agonizing pain of a full blown ear infection. This otoscope was designed with just this purpose in mind and from the feedback we have received we can tell you it does it's job very well.


(Includes Instruction Sheet with Pictures, 2 AAA Batteries, and 3 Reusable Specula - 2.5mm infant, 3mm child and 4mm adult we also offer for sale standard disposable specula that also work well with our otoscope)

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